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clio on ebay

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  330Ci Sport Convertible
The car was used for the making of the show and was the finall birthday gift for Jordan as featured in the picture,I the mum am selling the car as he has another year before he can drive it and now wants a moped for a while....

No he needs a pushbike and a decent feckin haircut!
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  Ph1 track 172
car has been ruined horribly,
still has the tango side repeaters
lexarse lights,
and a lovely big wing
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Reminds me of:
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  FPOS Productions™ 172 FR
woooh. pimp tastic people, yoooz is well gunna be a hip mo fo wiv dis badass clio. and it has neons...ccccoooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllll
no rush to sell but quick sale needed as he needs to get his haircut finished,......


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Fpmsl at it all !

Judging by the ad, I bet his mum is a right common tart.
She's probably only 30 anyway.
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i remember watching this on MTV, all the americans get there brand new range rovers and 7 series, and this kid gets a 11yr old 1.2 clio on 114k

looks shite