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Clio Paint Problem


Quick question on paint colour codes

After looking at the plate under my bonnet (95 Clio RSi) I found out my paint code was 963 (according to Halfords this is Brookland Green).

So I purchased one of Halfords lovely paintwork touch up kits (the one with the fibreglass brush and the primer/paint/lacker combinations).

After atempting a touch up and letting everything dry it looks completely the wrong colour, slightly too dark.

On inspection of Halfords selection of Renault greens they do another green called Goodwood green with looks like it might be closer but the paint code doesnt match.

Anyone know anything about this? According to Halfords none of the clios were ever Goodwood green.

Could this be due to me applying too much paint? or the paint having faded over the years?

As you can imagine it looks a mess and Im not too happy

Any help appreciated



I had to find out what colour my car was. One code had 6 different shades of the same colour code! Luckily, mine had just one shade - Royal Blue.



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It might well be the right colour when it was new, but paint fades over time, itll still shine and look great but sunlight fades it and youll never notice until you come to touch it up.

CS_Matt, I was lucky.. when I first got the number, the blue it was had 6 shades! I then went and looked at the chart and they were well to dark - went back to the car and noticed it to be a different number that we originally wrote down.. There was only one of that colour!

Looking at the different shades of the original blue, there wasnt much in it either.. Glad I didnt have to choose one!


you can get paint leveller to blend in the new colour, or some t-cut or something, no one will ever know the difference""

daz, alot of clio colours have a single tone.

bmw and subura can have up to 13 shades, its a nightmare matching it with so little between the shades but the difference between the first and last is scary

Matt, yea.. but the difference between the middle lot looked scary too! :)

I didnt inspect them closely, I just said "None of them are my Car"!

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i know what you mean about halford paint!!! went got some brooklands green and definately too dark and dull! benj and benw did the same!

plus i just got a tailgate from a scappy that now looks too dark!