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'Clio speaker package' Ripoff?? Advice please!!

  Clio Mk2Ph2 Dci 65
Hi everyone, this is my 1st post here at

I have just bought my first clio, a little 02 plate 1.5 dci 65 dynamique and am not fussed about doing it up, however I would like some quality sounds.
I have been looking at In phase component speakers and trying to find the best deal on the sxt5.1c speaker kits as i believe they are a pretty good fit.
I would like some advice from anyone in the know about this sort of thing, is there ANYTHING different between these two kits, apart from the price?!:

One is less that £80, one is £120, apparently for the same thing..? Am I missing anything? Is the £120 kit going to fit better?!

Cheers for any advice in advance!
  Clio Mk2Ph2 Dci 65
Hi mate, none yet, I'm getting one soon though, gonna get a Kenwood KDC-BT92SD in a month or so. May eventually amp the speakers too. Cant work out what the craic is with these speakers though... What more do you get for £40 extra?!


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Change the HU first and see how you get on. No point changing the speakers first, it's the same crap OEM amp driving them, they will sound near enough the same.

Best thing to do IMO/IME is put a subtle sub in the boot, lose the low freqs to the door speakers and away you go. You'll never get good bass from 13 cm door speakers.
  1.2 16v clio
its already been said but i will just repeat it. Change the headunit first :)

also in-phase i personally wouldn't touch them as their amps are rubbish and sub woofers are rubbish, So just their rep on over pricing poor amps etc i wouldn't touch their speakers.

There are alot of other brands that puts out alot of decent speakers,amps etc for the same price as that make
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Slightly off topic, but I have only changed the speakers in my BMW, and although they are worlds better than the old speakers through the standard HU, it is clear the the HU is stopping the speakers from reaching there potential.
  ITB BG 182
InPhase and CarAudioCentre = plague.... Avoide them like it means your life.

I have had one of their so called 'flagship' amps and they are s**t quality made from 4th rate parts in some korean factory and then over priced with petty lights and exagerated figures.
2000rms, yea my left ball sack gets more rms than their amps at £399, speakers are shodily made too...

Go to for all car audio stuff. Their service is 1st class and after service is outstanding too!