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Clio Sport 172 6000 mile service - how much

Ive now had my Clio for six happy months, and am about 500 miles shy of 6000, which is the first service.

How much are the dealers likely to sting me for for this? Ive heard that it is free. Surely not?

I would read my owners manual, but unfortunately it is in Belgian. My local, caring Renault dealer has yet to source me an english version yet. Any ideas where I can get one from, anyone, please?

The 6,000 mile service is completely free, all they do is a safety check i.e. check all the nuts and bolts are still tight, fluid levels. You have to have the 6000 service to keep the waranty valid (apparently).


as far as i know the 172 does not get the 6k service, this is for the rest of the range as they dont get the full service till 18k unlike the 172 which has a 12k service

yep herd that too, sorry to confuse you but the 172 has the first service at 12k or 2 years whatever comes first.

I think youll find that the first service is at 12000 miles. However I had an oil and filter change at 6000 at my local Renault dealer and it cost about £60 all in.
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6,000 mile or 6 months is a free safety check which may still go ahead, check with dealer. Basically they pop the bonnet, scratch their head and say "Yupp that is an engine" then close the bonnet and they get you to collect the car.

The first service was 12,000 miles but we have all seen evidence that it may have increased to 18,000 miles but again check with the dealer.

As to the handbook I have pointed a few people to Toomey Renault for the Clio Handbook. This handbook covers all models and is about £6. They can mail it to you and usually have 2 or 3 in stock. Their number is 01268 542626 and you need the parts department.

I didnt have a 6k check-up and have had warranty work done twice since then, so no way it should invalidate your warranty.

There has never been any mention of a 6000 check from anyone I have dealt with at Renault, though it was on the specs on their website when I bought my car.

Well mines coming up the 6k and its going to be going to Renault to have its ignition coils replaced so I will mention it when its in and kill 2 birds with 1 clio. They will probably say that there is no such thing - first service is at 12k.
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I got my manual from a local Renault Garage called Corby Motors in Northants (they have since changed their name, dont know what too) NN15 postcode should find them on They got an english manual in three days and posted it to me all for £5. Ring them and see, or try another localish dealer.

Hope this helps