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Clio Sport Trophy - seats need reconditioning

  Trophy, Eunos Mk1
Hi guys,
Proud owner of a Trophy for the last 3.5 years here. Greatest car I've ever driven, but it's beginning to show some signs of having been a daily for the past few years.

Specifically, the seats. The drivers side one has split a bolster, and I'm looking at getting them refurbished/recovered before the damage gets worse and it becomes ridiculously expensive to fix. Anyone know a place that can refurbish the seats and it won't cost an arm and a leg? Preferably down South, but I'm willing to travel a bit for it.



ClioSport Club Member
  EVO 6
May be worth seeing if it makes sense to buy another tidy set and sell your existing ones on.

Seat trimming can get mighty expensive and doesn't always match exactly.