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Clio Spotted On M57

  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

Anybody got any ideas whos that clio 2001 1.2 16v dynamique belongs 2, seen it last few days ont m57 near hyde greater manchester, silver 17s,clolour coded aprons, tints,remus twin pipe.Who ever it is he looked at mine and i looked at his so let me now any ideas.
Ave a good en guys
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

The monk, ha ha whats that then !!!
Hiya matey yeah i live in glossop near mottram,hyde,ashton ! No pics as of yet but leave with me, cars actually got a dint int front bumper which needs 2 b sorted b4 i take the rest of the pics.bloody woman drivers and u turns dont ask.Any way basic spec is oz superts for everyday and technomagnesio detroit f1s (18s) for shows and showing off.pi -60mm springs,few styling mods,momo interior bits and bobs,155+ ice,alpine 7876rb cd,alpine cd tv headunit,ps2,2x 15 inch kicker solobarcs squares (new silver ones),jl audio xr653cs comps in front,2x jl audio 300/2 amps 4 fronts,2x 1000/1 jl amps 4 subs one each there putting out more than 1000rms prob bowt 1200 each.i do fancy changing the amps for the phoniex gold tantrums coz the 1200rms one for the subs can actualy run at 1500rms as stnd,check fast car last month !! cheaper to but then again ive bought mine so i might have to lump it.
not done owt else to bodywork really just about a coat of polish every weekend when not raing,very a r5 turbo that im modding soon,mint j reg and hopefully changing clio 2 a 172 in jan coz me ins will run out and i can get a 25% discount on renaults threw my work.C ya mate
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

tell u what mate, get down to gt grafix in ashton under lyne mention me and ul get a discount, theve done some top stickers 4 mine.looks the bollox.just adds a nice spoty touch to it to show people it int stnd with big wheels.

you only about 10 mins from me,is you car black btw, cause ive seen one in ashton with 17s superTs
also ive seen a silver Mk1 172 with 17s on asda bypass, is it anyone u know?
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

no mate,ive seen the mk 1 silver 172 its got bbs on it and his mrs drives it most of time, and the black one i havnt seen,ul now mine coz of the ass scraping back end ha ha and stickers alt over back window