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Clio tuning in latest CCC magazine

Latest issue of Car and car conversions has large feature on clio 16v, clio 172 mk1 and 2 and Clio Williams tuning. Big interview with Hill Power and step by step guide to fitting better airbox on 16v engine. The rest of the mag is great as well, loadsa racing cars and other cool stuff. Should be out this friday,got myn yesterday as I mag, with great clio stuff this month!!!

i allways read ccc, like mr walkers articles, will keep an eye for the clio feature.

i am looking to get our Clio Turbo featured in a mag once the refurb is done, would like to get in CCC, but do you think its a bit to max power for them?:oops:

as long as it hasnt got any bodykits or ice in it you should be fine.....

sadly mr walkers articles have been sadly lacking in any technical depth recently......
  FRST and 106 GTi

ehehe BenR... what about a clio TomCat lookalike? F14 model... at least the wings retreat for the supersonic speed. :) eheh
bodykits OWNZ the place!!! just love to see them on the highway... 200km/h and some of it just brakes and fly away.. eheh

opps, can those cars achive the 200km/h mark?? ;P