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Clio V6 and BMW M3

  An orange one



  An orange one
im not as yet insured on the m3 its my dads :):)

the m3 is in another league in terms of buld quality and sheer speed..but it doesnt have the special feeling the v6 gives
Thats where the subsidies go, I thought Farmers complained they never had any cash??? lol
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FIT!!! Both are sweet. 2 cars I definately want in the future. Tell your dad to get some silvervisions! lol
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
M3 :approve:


absolutely love the CSL.

Loving the V as well - tasty rear lights - me likes.
  An orange one
thanks've all persuaded me to keep it and not let the 197 tempt me out of it...:):)

Clio V6 out for the ones on ebay..they are the 9" width versions..might stick out a fair bit..i went for the 8" all round..and just used fatter tyres at the rear :):)
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ColinG said:
it has the 19's pecan! ;)

Really? Don't look like it. :S What's going on there then? Some M3's look like they have much bigger wheels than that. Can you get 20s? :)
Personally I think that that shape m3 looks rubbish on 18's, the 19's look great, butt he rides supposed to be better with the 18's.

I love the vee:D what rear lights are they on it ?? they aren't standard mk2 ones are they ?
I also love the m3 - you never see that shape in estoril blue:dapprove: most are in that skanky sick gold colour.:(
  An orange one

the lights are the LED ones most chavs buy..but not in the usual crome and black coloured crap..

i liked the reds cause they retain the phase 2 standard look but look amazing when lit up at night :)
  An orange one


zenon..crap, available in 17" upwards, 1 piece, 4/5 stud

Pindrive, 19" only, very rare, 2 piece, light as fook, one herruuge single hub conversion