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Clio V6 interior change

  Renault Clio V6
changing the interior of my Phase 1 Clio V6....there's too be no cutting or modifying that can't be put back to original.....the seats, steering wheel ect ect will be bagged up and stored safely so don't panic people.
I've fitted OMP pedals that feel so good and aluminium OMP steering wheel that transforms the way the car feels compared to the original bus wheel
this weekend will be fitting period Sparco bucket seats that I found brand new with all mounts from the period that the car was originally trying to keep close to what Renault might have supplied as a more raw racer at the time.
heres a couple of pics for the time being of before and after changes of horrid old pedals and Renault Steering wheel.
will add more over the weekend.


  Renault Clio V6
Some seats added....there set very low and super light......interiors starting to feel quite exotic and it seems to suit the raw feel of the phase 1, the driving positions so much nicer than before ;)
Will add some pics soon.
  Renault Clio V6
The pedal set up is much nicer than the old ones ;)

Here's some pics of the interior after I've trimmed the dash, A posts etc in genuine alcantara, fitted Sparco seats, OMP aluminium steering wheel, 5 point harness, the cars so much nicer to drive, comfortable, loads lighter and feels it.......Oreca carbon door panels on the way from France......will post extra pics of these when they arrive ;-)