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Clio Williams Turbo - Look in!!

yeah its a valver. with 2l lump dropped in.

Do you want me to translate the text as i am very good at french (well i got "F" at GCSE)

A CLIO 16 S been driven by an engine 2L Williams overfed by turbo K26.

CLIO on the circuit of Nogaro with his/her two turbo R11 girlfriends and then in Folembray where one could hear the spill valve and the whistle of K26.
The engine is that of a CLIO Williams, pistons forged to measure, bielles+vilo balanced and reduced. The whole is managed by a management of R21 turbo 2L reprogrammed on bench.

The air is led to an aluminum exchanger placed opposite front by durits stainless. Oil is also cooled by two radiators.

L E cylinder head gasket is out of stainless. The collector to measure receives large turbo and line stainless. The bay of windshield had to be cut out to let pass the turbo one: a mask moulded out of carbon takes seat in the recess thus created.

The brakes are of Porsche 4 pistons gripping of the discs in 332x32 to before and double pistons with discs of 306 kit bus 292x10 with the back. The rims are speedline 17 in magnesium of 306 Kit Bus (hubs before and back of 306) with of Dunlop SP Sport 9000

The ordering of box was remade in more precise and accessible high position to be. Box 5 is a mixture of three different boxes to box the power. The suspensions are 4 adjustable compounds threaded in height and hardness.
The case is entirely welded, smoothed, receives a painting f**k avant/arrière and of the rétros shell. The cap is out of fibre and the windscreen wiper of the type supertourism (profit of weight).
The cockpit is entirely stripped and is composed only of two carbon buckets with harnesses buckles aviation, of an arch of CLIO crosses and trimmings of carbon door

During the first assembly the turbo one was small K26. The box was a box 6 with direct-drive dog clutch which was averrée too short to exploit new K26 which has a very significant inertia and thus charges rather late.