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How do all

Being new to this forum I thought Id kick off with saying what an excellent set up you have here. Ive read with interest many of the threads being discussed and thought Id chip in with a question of mi own.

Im interested in finding out more about the ClioCup, in particular the days of years gone by when they used to race the mk1 Clio. Ive just bought a Willy (no 226) that was a prize car won by the Gerard Motorsport team for their victory in the 1993 season. As such Im interested in finding out more about the spec of the cars, race format and general publicity details etc. - anyone any ideas where I can find this sort of info?

Ive tried the official BTCC site but that only sems to have the current season, so if anyone knows of anywhere itd be appreciated.

Cheers and keep up the good work


Um, i dont think it was as high profile as it is now, but it was still a popular series.

I think they ran to the same sort of idea of not a super highly tunned car.

i have no idea where you could find info apart from finding out who ran the series and ask them.

Mooooohahahaha :devilish:

Ben, I might not bother with the turbo now, might just add a bank of 16 ecoteks to give me 400 bhp.. and 70 miles to the gallon at 140 mph.


yeah, capt.......

i heard renault sport are goin to make a V10 with a 111deg bank and electromagnetic valve train and 1ecotec per cylinder in 2004!!!!

they claimed it should make 1200bhp and the would only need a 17l fuel tank!!!

and the whislt/fart of teh ecotek will sound like anti-lag systems!!!

i cant wait!

Hmmmmmm, that sounds good...

Shouldnt it be 1 ecotek per inlet valve ??.. maybe get 1300 bhp then,,,

Dont it stand for ...







or something ??


Cheers for the replies boyz and girlz (even if it did go a little off track). Guess my best option is to go back to Gerards and see what they know.

I might be opening Pandoras box by asking this but whats the Ecotek thing youre going on about? From what I can gather its some sort of supposed performance enhancing device that doesnt actully do anything (subject to opinion of course).

BTW Joe, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I no longer live in Burnley - I did the unthinkable and moved down south. However I do pop back every nowand then, so if you see a Willy tear arsing around it may well be me. (at other times youll probably find me tear arsing around Surrey as thats where I currently live).

Anyway, off to find details for Gerard motorsport now.........



who Crazy!!!>.....~~~@!#:eek:

i cant stand crazy people, they drive me insane..1..1211


arghhhh, GR,...a..