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Clios at Mallory + a few friends

  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Visited Mallory park yesterday for the Renault Turbos owners national day. Really liked Mallory Circuit. Was nice to meet a few people of the forum.

Shame about the fog in the morning but it was a nice afternoon, i feel my photography got better in the afternoon so the better images are further down the Galleries :p

Galleries here..........

Or here.................









thanks Adrian.
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
Forgot to say, any one with access to the RTOC forum, feel free to post a link to my site or my Flickr.
  B/G 182 + PH1 Track
:D thought i saw you there yesterday, but then realised the car had for sale signs in the windows, so i presumed it wasnt you :>
i was supposed to be goin well trying to but couldnt get weekend insurance on my 5 :( im waiting til i hi 25 to insure it on classic insurance
  3.2 V6 4KEV, 944 Cab, 172
Whose is the blue ph1 172?

It looks frighteningly like mine... Similar bonnet sticker, same white 2118s, no fog-lights, de-wipered at the back.

When I first saw the pics it's only the reg and black / CF bonnet that made me realise it wasn't my motor!!

Anyway... Looking good!! :cool:


ClioSport Club Member
  Frankenstein Twingo
cool, was sound to meet up with ya, hop eyou dnt mind if i save some pics to my computer?
  Merc A class
Kool pictures ive put some on meganesport few pictures of there cars on there

Hope you dont mind :D