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clios in a crash are gr8

ive just had some c*** in a suped up rover 214 turbo run into the back of my clio. i got out and his car was wrecked no the radeator was crushed the whole front was a mash of metal, i looked at my clio and ..... a cracked bumper was all that was visible and a popped out rear cluster (not back in) but its going into the garage incase there is any structurle damage to the chasy (speling is crap i know), i was chuffed but pissed off at the same time new bumper for me (plus what ever i/the garage finds wrong).

feel very safe in my clio now



what was that nursery rhyme ??

"every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction"

no doubt bout it.


look down the sides of the car in evening light...

can you see any ripples ??

how about the roof ?? any ripples there ?

are the door gaps the same both sides ?

dont see any ripples but it is raining, the back door doesnt seam to have an even gap and it seams to be more than b 4.

whats that mean a new car or alot of work.

i aint paying for a thing so i dont mind.


  Shiny red R32

I think the newer mk2 Clios are tougher than the older ones, as I know someone who overturned one down a slight embankment and you would hardly have known it had been on its roof! Does it have some sort of strengthener in the roof? Perhaps the height is a safety thing?!? It stayed more or less the same shape! Quite reassuring to know!

yeah GR but thats why if you put the 172 engine into a phase one clio youd have a car that could kill a 172 - too heavy and refined

although saying that - i hav come out of two crashes unscathed... The second was at some speed and I was very very impressed with my valvers handeling...

problem is they do damage easily and expensive to repair

get the carpets and the back seats up mate, it could well have creased, basic physics says that the weaker objects will absorbe the energy first, therefore it was each bumper, then the front end of the sad rusty old rover (all rovers rust, you can watch it bubble up if you wait there long enough!)

one more rover off the road!!!

Whats a 214 turbo, was it a 218 diesel turbo or a 220 turbo

Only ones they did

Hope the damage isnt too bad. Either way if he is up your backside he has to pay big time!!!!!