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cliosport 200-xenon bulb advice

  Clio 200-Cup Chassis
I was looking to replace the standard bulds in the headlights of my CS 200. Ive seen various types on the internet...Osram D2S Cool Blue Intense HID Xenon bulb 5000K and 6000K.

Can i directly replace the standard bulbs i have now with new xenon bulbs, without a conversion kit? Ive seen a kit on here

Do i need a set of bulbs for the main beams and dippedbeams?

Whats the best thing to do?!?!?

  Nissan 350z
Did you spec the cornering lights optional extra, or not? If you didnt then you have reflectors.

If you want to fit a Xenon (HID) kit then idealy you need to buy and fit the cornering headlights first (so you get the projector lense to focus the beam) otherwise the HID is too powerful for the reflector headlights and you get ALOT of beam scatter and dazzle other road users.

If your on about Xenon effect bulbs to fit to your reflector headlights then i recommend reading the following:
Ive put xenons in my 200 without taking the bumper off. i have the projector eyes in mine and the hid's are so good yet dont dazzle other drivers. It actually looks like they belong on the car. Looking at ur profile pic Rivers, you seem to have the projector eyes with the cornering lights. The black band inside the light indicates they are the upgraded lights i think. One way to try is when your stationary at night, turn your wheel left or right and see if there is light shining to the side of the direction your turning at. Lew
  260% JCW
If you've got the projector's i would'nt piss about with xenon effect standard bulbs ect ect. Go straight for a HID kit, you wont regret it.
  Clio 200-Cup Chassis
Cheers for the posts.

Definatley going to go with getting the HID kit. Providig my car has the rojectors, which i hope.

RS200Lew....i havnt checked if it does have the cornering lights. My girlfriend has the cornering lights in her clio and has the black band so ill check it tonight.