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Cliosport Photography Challenge Round 15: Autumn

Congrats to Dave_W for his victory in the last round with his image depicting the theme 'Texture'


The next subject, chosen by him is:


Comp runs from now until midnight Sunday 2nd November. Any photos entered must be taken between now and midnight November 2nd.


- Post a maximum of 3 images at one time, you can come back with more pics if you have tried something different, but please stick to 3 pics max each time.

- You must flag one image as your entry, feel free to repost your chosen image towards the end of the comp with 'entry' above it, this will be placed into a new thread at the end of the alloted time for people to vote on.

I will no longer be automatically taking the first image somebody posts, only images with entry clearly written above or below it will be accepted

- Try to keep posted images to a max of around 800px wide.

- No rules on photoshop use etc, but this is first and foremost a photography contest, not a photoshop contest.

- All images entered must be taken within the dates of the competition specified above.

- Winner chooses next subject


  Flaming Inferno 225
Not fab photos by any means by what some people take on here but here goes



Alrightly, lets see if we can get this thread moving a little bit!

Autumnal colours are rapidly disappearing in this part of the country, leaving stark bare trees, however popped out this afternoon to try and get a suitable entry.





looks lovely. I grew up in countryside like that, now i have to drive for 3 hours to get to the nearest hill!
Those photos make me want to move back again.


  Focus TDCi
Will try and get something entered before the deadline.. not sure what I'm going to do though.

Some good photos already :)
Really like some of these already.
Ill have to see if i can find anything for this. Took these a week or so ago, just love the colours.


  14' Leon Cupra 280
Having been out with the camera this afternoon, I thought i'd put the pics on here, might as well enter 1 for the comp.




ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
was a bit bored, so thought id have ago.

encase anyone is wondering..... its rain on the 182


Some great entries again so far, should be another interesting vote. I'm hoping to actually get an entry in for once this time!
  FTO GPX 2.0 V6
Sorry taken with my Sony Ericsson K850i phone.


This is my entry(below), only doing for fun, happened to take this on Saturday and just spotted this thread.

Just to pre-empt an moaning ;), I'm well aware I need to sort out a poll, but I have an unbelievably busy couple of days to get through first, I wouldn't expect anything until next Wednesday.