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Cliosport Saturday Weather forecast...

Time0600 HOURS0700 HOURS0800 HOURS0900 HOURS1000 HOURS1100 HOURS1200 HOURS1300 HOURS1400 HOURS1500 HOURS1600 HOURS1700 HOURS1800 HOURS1900 HOURS2000 HOURS2100 HOURS2200 HOURS2300 HOURS0000 HOURS
0100 HOURS0200 HOURS0300 HOURS0400 HOURS0500 HOURS
Weather Conditions10.png12.png7.png10.png10.png10.png10.png14.png14.png10.png10.png14.png10.png10.png10.png2.png2.png2.png2.png2.png2.png7.png2.png2.png
Temperature (°C)15°C15°C15°C16°C16°C17°C17°C17°C18°C17°C18°C18°C17°C17°C16°C16°C15°C14°C14°C14°C13°C13°C13°C13°C
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  Edition 30
I hope you're joking. We're gonna get SOAKED at yours tomorrow. Can I sleep in the kitchen?
I don't do rain. If it's pissing it down tomorrow morning, I'll be in my car all day. Probably with Kev or Rob. Probably on the back seat.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk3.5 MX5
Cheers for the invite JD </3

I do Rob. I used it as a seat last year.


South Central-Oxfordshire
ClioSport Area Rep
Lashed it down just before 1pm this arvo.

Sunny skies now though. Think heavy showers and sun may be the theme for tomorrow's weather like it has been the past few days here.
  Bus w**ker
Oh god, you two losers aren't sat in the same room again and on CS/Facebook are you?!?