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Cliosport Saturday Weather forecast...


  FN2 Type R

You can't understand me currently.

Adding another city into my accent vocabulary wouldn't be the best.
  Bus w**ker
Kevin, are you going to join us at night for a bit? Mostly so I can chat your missus up and stroke your leg, again.


ClioSport Club Member
Lols! You know I want to mate. I might follow over for an hour if we have time.

We're going to the Hub for dinner and Champers tomorrow!

Where are you camping?
  GW 200 with Cup pack
I'm in Banbury... about 15 mins from Gaydon... its sunny with cloud gathering... I think it will rain... fingers crossed it wont hold all day! Only plus is it will show how well the water beads on my freshly polished paintwork haha!
  Mk4 Mondeo Estate
Was really bad driving home, streams of water flowing across the road and all of a sudden having no vision in places.
  182 Cup
some beemer had a good effort at killing himself on the m69 full on impact into the central reservation. debris over all 3 lanes! this was at about 3:15 or so.


ClioSport Club Member
It fcuking chucked it down on the way home! Lightning too! Those poors cnuts camping...


South Central-Oxfordshire
ClioSport Area Rep
It's rained a couple of times since 6pm, but nothing as bad as earlier.

It's not rained for a good while now though, and it's pretty much clear skies too. They should be ok if they're nearby.
At this time? Haha,
Just got back in from setting off at 7.30am for today. Although we did take a few hours detour to kettering.

Weather wasn't too bad I don't think, glad the rain held off for a while so everyone got a chance to look around before the cars got soaked. The rain was a good test to see people's beading ;).

Good day overall really.