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CLK63 AMG Black Series

  130i Road, 172 Track
Exhaust noise :eek:

Wheel spin :approve:

What else is there? ;)

My dad was lucky enough to have this for 3 days this week. It hauls... :rasp:





Hi-res here:

C+C welcome!


ClioSport Club Member
  T5, Ariel Atom 300
yep nice, love the black series mercs, seen the sl65 black at the ring this year, monster! ironically in white


ClioSport Club Member
  T5, Ariel Atom 300
670 bhp, £250,000 anyone?


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  130i Road, 172 Track
^^^ that's mental!

Yeh when he said he was getting it for a few days he said "CLK63 Black", so I thought "Oh know, not another black AMG"... then when he brought over I realised what he meant. :eek:


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
Generally i'm not a big big Merc Fan, However the SLK AMG and the Black Series are just incredible!!
Cracking cars, i've got a real thing for AMG & Black Series Merc's at the min. I've been to Merc World - tbh I almost needed new underpants.
last time i drove to london i stumbled into a random carpark in park street to park my car (the underground one) there was 3 black there! one was red with 100% blacked out windows :O


ClioSport Club Member
  T5, Ariel Atom 300
now u mention the lowerig, the arches dont have a nice parallel line with the wheel lol
Love them, have to be in black though! Saw a silver one a couple of days ago and i almost didn't notice it.
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Im sure they tested a red one in evo when they came out.It didnt look good either.Stealth is best...