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Clutch change issue


ClioSport Club Member
Just changed the clutch on my MR2 and after bolting it all back together, with just the hubs attached on stands, I can change gear without the clutch.

The hubs are spinning quite fast in neutral so thinking that its spinning fast enough to match gears without the clutch?

In gear it definitely grabs as it builds revs with the speedo.

Just seems really odd. I just haven't got time this weekend to put all the arms, brakes and wheels back on to test it loaded.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
If the brakes were on you could brake and then see if it still does it.

You do get some driveshaft movement when there's no load, that's just from internal friction in the box generating enough to spin them I think.


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Sounds normal, you can usually upshift ok without the clutch, and downshift with a bit of rev matching when the transmission is loaded. I learnt this from experience of gt turbo aftermarket clutch cables snapping every 2 mins, and ramming old knackered fleet vans into gear :LOL:

I would just put it back together and send it.


ClioSport Club Member
Still not managed to drop it on its wheels, but when in gear with the engine off I can spin one of the hubs, it doesn't lock like its in gear, and the other shaft spins the opposite direction. With the engine on and in gear i can stop one of the hubs from spinning.

As@JamesBryan mentioned this maybe because of the torsen diff and I need to try both hubs at the same time to see if one locks. I'm pretty sure though with the engine off and in gear, it used to lock a single wheel when both were off the ground.

@NorthloopCup does this sound right for a torsen diff?
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