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clutch in cup!!! :( gulp!

on the way to me mums on saturday fifth gearin it, not really thrashin! was at bout 80 goin upto 90 when revs shot up and car slowed as if i had stuck my foot on the clutch!!!

GULP! tell me my clutch isnt gone already!!! my mates uno turbos clutch is f**ked slips all the time in high gears, hes waitin to get it replaced! Mine cant have probs already. When it happen i remembered a week or so ago i noticed a little very quick but only noticable by me drop in accel! i was rippin it when i felt a flat spot for a split second! but thought nothin of it!

I have crunched a few times in gears whilst being a bit heavy handed but shes only 3 month old!
Any ideas?

(dang i dont ask much of you lot do i?) ;o)

Mine crunches all the time but as u get used to it ull learn not to - it has a very high biting point also the accelerator sticks sometimes and car continues to accelerate after uve taken ur foot of the pleasure pedal!!!! Maybe is the carpet mat sticking though underneath!

sorry i didnt mean the accelerator kept goin, well it did but thats cos my foot was floorin it, but the engine went up like i had floored the clutch and revd it!? only for a second, then i felt it as she came on again! hmmmm?

Im sure i wasnt touchin the clutch! well kinda sure!

That does sound like a slipping clutch! Scary!!

If it were mine I would take it back to the dealer and let them look at it. If they diagnose the clutch ask them to explain it fully and then be ready to fight. Im sure they would say where and tear but three months is a tad extreme, you would have to be really caning it to that and driving with elephant feet!!

Yeah they can over heat too if you had been holding the car on the bite for a while ...usualy happens to me if ive been holding it on a hill...once i let the cluch up it still feels like the car is slowley then bites.. then once it cools its fine! same must go if you have been hammering it for a bit! you could be slipping the cluch with out knowing because my bite is really high too and if i dont let it up all the way then it slips!

Dan. Few of us had the same thing....feels like youve left your foot on the gas and got no drive. Came to conclusion it was just getting used to driving it. Mines not done it since the first week i got it.

Let me know how you get on. I have a very vague clutch in mine - Renault seem to think that it is normal. It can be made to slip, but behaves itself every time I take it to the Dealer.

It has settled down a little now I have a few miles (4.5k) on the clock but it still doesnt feel quite right.