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coil overs

  TTRS & V50
Never heard anyone with the weitec, lots of people have the V-maxx inc myself, i think they are a very good kit for the money. IF thats your budget, i personally would go for the v-maxx and spend the remainder on settings up toe camber etc.


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Neither of those is adjustable, fixed damping for both? Most kits aren't camber adjustable as standard, getting tracking done etc is essential after fitting. Weitec are a subsiduary of KW iirc, so shouldn't be bad. Good reviews of vmaxx as well, so shouldn't go too far wrong with either.
  just my work van atm
when i say adjustable i mean height adjustable nothing else just to clear that up, do you recommend any one on here to fit them and get the set up for a decent price?
  TTRS & V50
Its advised, yes. But best to wait say a week or two for them to settle first. Then getting the tracking and camber doing. As i see it pointless fitting then getting set up before the spring has even bedded.

The shocks arn't adjustable on the V-maxx, but they are set pretty decent for road use, not sure about track.

Also camber IS adjustable with the V-maxx and they come with the bolts to do so.
  TTRS & V50
Ok. I'd definally go with V-maxx then as im very satisfied and ive had them on about 10k and gone abroad with them too on the french back roads.

Fred at BTM to fit.

then i've heard good things about '' to track and set up.
  Titanium 182
Aren't VMAX the same as the Ktec ones ? or is that a different brand ? as KTR ones are only circa £300 and fine for road use.
  Titanium 182
Fred is brilliant, I phoned him out of the blue and probably interupted him but he still was kind enough to help me figure out how to get out a tight injector.