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coil pack

  C-VXR, T8 Map 220BHP
My 172 (52plate) over the last week has been really lumpy when i speed-up (more so if i "floor it"). I had a 1.2 which had a simular problem and the coil pack was replaced and cured the problem. (first i thought it was the kids next door putting cherry apples in my zorst again, little gits!)I have been told if it is the coil pack to replace the s.plugs also.

A) do you think it is the coil pack?
b) how much is the above likey to cost?

thanks people, (love cars-- no nothing about them though!)
  1998 BMW e46 323i
+ labour, access to the coilpack is via removal of the inlet manifold. think plugs are £20 a piece,..
Ive a coil pack for sale if your interested.

As Danlp6 said, you dont need to take the plenium off to change the c/pack but to change the leads you will have to. Its a very easy job to change the leads so just have a go.