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Coilover assistance (what are these?)

  172, Tiguan
I've managed to get hold of a lovely set of Leda's for the car. When i got them they had some standard renault top mounts attached to them. I got a garage to buzz off the top nut and remove these.

I'm left with this nut, then a spacer, then the spring top hat. On both struts I can't move this nut, so i'm wondering if its part of the strut?

You can see the setup here, specifically the nut:


and again here with the spacer and the the top hat


On the other strut there is the standard renault bearing thats under this nut?


I can't work out if thats forced it's way there or not.

Finally. One top hat on one damper moves with the shaft, where as the other slides up and down the shaft? should i free the stuck one off?

You can see here (this one is free)


this one is stuck


Thanks for all the help chaps
IMO the top cup that slides down the shaft is broken and needs replacing. There should be a step at the top of the shaft/bottom of the thread that it locates on. The slimline nuts should both be removable
  172, Tiguan
It's odd Dan because the top hat that's fixed doesn't seem to want to lift off either. I swear the slimline nuts appear to be part of the shaft as well. I've got some spare top hats somewhere so that's not too much of an issue, it's getting them off.
  172, Tiguan
Thanks chaps. I'll go and ask the local garage if they'd mind doing it for me. Hopefully when thats done i'm good to go.