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Coilover kits

I have been looking at coil over kits for my 1.4 clio (2000) model, i have found a few makes that do them for my car but not sure whats good or not can some of your give me some names which or good thanks :)
  R35 GTR
I have H+R and compared to the original standard set up it is sooo comfortable.

I have been in a car with FK coilovers and the ride was way too hard.
Stu_c said:
to be honist i aint to botherd about the cost its the quality i want :)
If you've got a fortune talk to Leda about a setup they havn't got one but you'll be looking at most likly £2k for a one off set.
H and R are £700 or so unfitted then say £200 for fitment and proper setup.