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Coils fitted and a good old polish :)

  RB 182
Had some AST's fitted 3 weeks ago, big thanks to Dan R who was selling them. Car feels much more positive when turning in, plus more stable for general throwing around lol. Only downside I can find is driving over them poxy cobble stones you get at Tesco, back end shudders over them lol.



Took a few days off the other week and decided to polish the car and seal it for the winter. Too lazy to go into what products I used sorry :rasp:




Also did the misus car...



ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Aren't those wheels quite heavy? Something lighter would improve the ride.


ClioSport Club Member
  ph2 172 track car
lovely car and good choice on suspension, oh also the mini too!
  RB 182
orange badge is abit random... apart from that isn't she lovely :)

I was due to buy a 2nd hand set of 2118's and powder coat them orange, but that fell through. Kinda like it tho in strange way.

Think this was Guppy's car a while back, did a photoshop and wanted orange wheels ever since lol.



  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Very nice, liked guppy's and this is no diff. Well in!

2018's look great who cares that they are arn't light...95% of the people on here build track cars without the faintest clue on how to drive them.


  The Cleee-O
That looks awesome! Love the colour touch to the badge, and the general look of it. And the fact that it's all nice and shiny. Nice car :D