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  1. J

    ESP/ABS Fault on 197 Cup

    Morning all, I have been battling with an intermittent fault on my 197 to do with ABS/ESP for a while now and was wondering whether anyone has experienced/found a solution. The car is pulling the DF126 fault code - "Control Panel Sensor Information Plausibility". 2 things occur when driving...
  2. P

    Clio Sport speedometer

    Hi guys, I have just bought Clio sport ( year 2OOO - ph1) and the speedo does not work - typical problem. However i tried to find the sensor on the gearbox and i am afraid it is not there( or i could not find it), since the gearbox is probably from a newer model - which used the ABS sensor. Is...
  3. K

    What rear view mirror will fit?

    So I've had a renault clio 2003 dynamique for a while now and can't seem to find a rearview mirrow I'm 100% will fit. I've got what I think is a sensor pad and has a cap for this so unsure where a rearview mirror will fit?
  4. H

    Clio 1.2 16V What’s going on

    Hello all, Bought a clio 2 days ago 2004 1.2 16V Digital Temperature meter goes max 2 stripes. Cold starts it is on 0 stripes. Took to mechanic to check Thermostat and Temperature Sensor. Sensor works. (Tested in boiling water) Thermostat was cheap so got advised to replace just to be sure...
  5. K

    Where is the coolant temp sensor in 2003 1.5dci?

    I cant find it.
  6. MaxB

    Outside temperature sensor

    I've had a read through the forum but can't seem to find a definite answer. I've got a 55 plate 1.2 expression and don't have the outside temperature showing up on the display. I have a nipple under the offside mirror but not one under the nearside one. Does there need to be a nipple under...
  7. E

    Cold start issue and RPM not showing, crankshaft position sensor?

    Hi everyone! I have a 2002 Clio Expression 1.4 16V and have te following cobination of issues. I'll be thankfull for all of your opinions: When I'm going to start the car in the morning it doesn't do at the first attempt, I have to try ir a few times, the car makes a barely start but it turns...
  8. Carlos_2017

    Brake Position Sensor

    Hello guys! Can anyone explain to me how I adjust this sensor?! I posted this morning, but in the wrong part of the forum! (Sorry!)
  9. Carlos_2017

    Brake position sensor

    Howdy guys! This may seem like a really silly question, but how do I go about adjusting the Brake Position Sensor? Thanks in advance!
  10. T

    Clio 182 stalling when crancked over and when cluched dipped

    Hello all, So Yet again another clio stalling post... I feel like I've read them all, but can't seem to pin point my problem, so any help would be very much appriciated. Here goes, A few weeks back my car stalled whilst slowing down for a junction, I thought nothing of it as the engine was...
  11. J

    2004 Clio Sport 182 erratic coolant temperature sensor problem possibly solved, please read

    I am new on here and I have a 2004 plate clio 182 that has just clocked 98,000 miles. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section and I am sorry for the long essay lol but here goes; I have had the car for 2 weeks and it has been brilliant, very responsive and no loss of power, everything works...
  12. MrBlonde

    172 Cup Lambda

    Looking to change the Lambda sensor on my Cup,not sure which one I need from GSF as there is a few listed,any help please on which one I need? My cup is a 53 plate if that helps.
  13. C

    Over fueling Please help

    i have a 1.4 16v 2000 mk2 It's mainly in the cold morning but can do it anytime but it will Rev it's self really high and if you try to drive it will just cut out like its flooding it's self and then won't restart straight away and it's stinks of over fueling. There is no warning lights or no...
  14. edwarj123

    Clio 182 Angle Sensor Issue

    Hi, I just bought a 2004 Clio 182. The traction control, ABS and SERV lights are on permanently. The computer reads it as an Angle Sensor fault. The guy I bought it from told me he had replaced this and the lights went out for a while and then came back on again. I took the steering wheel off...