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computer has died. bugger

been working fine for couple years...

never slowed down ever...

started to turn itself off today, and then it's last boot up said Cannot find windows/system32/config/system.

does this everytime now, and won't let me do anything. won't let me restore. won't let me run go safe mode or anything.

any ideas?

stuck to using my pda with a pencil like a right geek. not used to the internet giving me a sore wrist this way.
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put the xp disc back in boot up with that and use the recovery console to mend ur directory
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sounds like corrupt data poss, try booting from a different hard drive and copy all the stuff you want from it then re format it
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yeah possibly a virus, also it has prob saved up a load of crap over the cheers and it just takes 1 certain file to f**k things up.

i suggest re-formatting and installing a clean xp
i can get an xp pro disc from work... so thats not a problem.

how do i format my HDD in its current state... or will installing a fresh copy of windows do that automatically?
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well you put the xp disk into the pc and start it up and then press like del to go into the xp setup..

just follow the on screen instructions, you will need to delete the current partition and create a new partition and then finally install xp on the new partition, this will also format the hard drive at the same time

Thanks guys. Will get xp pro from work tomorrow and try it then. Pissed off cos i've got loads of anti virus software.... norton.... black ice etc etc
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yeah it is starnge matey..

cos im all secured up to f**k and the other months i had to format mine as something got in and started to slow things down.
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What XP is telling you is that the system file in windows\system32\config is corrupt or missing. This folder holds some very important files so if they become corrupt then XP will not boot. There are a number of things you could do but the easy one is not to delete all your data but to reinstall XP over the corrupt copy. To do this boot from the XP CD. Select the top option by pressing Enter. Then press F8 to get past the licensing agreement. You should then have an option to repair the current windows install by pressing R. If you do not have this option do not continue to install XP as this will overwrite all your data.
bloody thing won't let me install. i can press f8 to get into the safe mode menu... but no matter what i select... it brings up the same fault.
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You need to boot from the Windows XP CD to do a reinstall. You might have to go into the BIOS and change the boot order so that the CD drive is checked before the HDD.
Go into your BIOS on startup (usually del) and set the boot order to CDROM. Then save and exit the BIOS. When you're prompted to press any key to boot from so.

EDIT: cross posted :)
If you can get into the BIOS then your hardware is ok. You should be able to boot from an XP CD regardless of the condition of your Windows install. Hell, you can boot from the CD without any OS at all.
won't let me do anything. tried booting from every option available, also tried restoring, starting in safe mode, last know configuration etc etc... nothing!

every single time, on matter the operation it says config/system is missing or corrupt.

will leave it til monday now. pissing me off big time lol