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Computer on the stalk missing 1 item !!!

  clio 182 with cup
Just got a new (to me) 182 with cup in racing blue - 20,000 miles very clean love it - sold a silver 182 with a jinx to get it !!
Anyway the right hand stalk that you press the end in for average speed, mpg,etc etc - the 'how many miles to empty tank' just has a small row of underlines on it. Any way to reset this or get it going ? Thanks in advance.
it shows lines when the fuel is too low for it to work out, or it may have just been reset. If thats not the case maybe a faulty sensor?
  BMW M135i
Take the tank level sender connector off and clean it up. Its under the plastic cover under the rear bench. Can't remember which one it is so just do both.