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Cooling System Problems

Hello All,

I have a problem with my 1993 Clio RL Cooling System:

The internal heater doesnt work. I have tried replacing the thernostat and this hasnt solved the problem. The water in the expansion tank heats sifficiently to do the job and the return flow pipe works indicationg a working water pump (or would this be due to natural heat circulation?!?!?!?)

The pipe work gets warm, the white plastic inlet on the heater matrix under the dash gets hot, However, the radiator is stone cold :(

Do Clio heater matrixs andor radiators suffer from blocking problems? Is the water pump past its best? What can I do next????

Thanks in advance,


Mk 1 (i.e. 1991-1998) Clios are notorious for problems with their heater matrices (matrix as singular!). Certainly on the 16v its expensive due to the labour, but it might well be a lot less on a non-16v/Williams model.

Do a topic search.
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