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corsa/ v6 clio kit

  GDI ???BHP Cliosport172

Would,nt it be easier to just save up for vee rather than use a CORSA to recreate the masterpiece!!
  GDI ???BHP Cliosport172

Quote: Originally posted by Andy_16v on 10 March 2005
hate corsas with a passion

Snap!! (after ka,s)

think it looks very nice shame they dont make it tho as other kits for the corsa are not as nice. BUT corsas do look alot better kitted than a clio plus i do have a soft spot for them as i am a member of that forum an did have a corsa that shape till i got the clio! not a bad forum that tho......

but i have to say i never did like that Corsa/v6:sick: not right keep it to clios i think...