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Cost of a new clutch for a 1.4 Dynamique??

  Clio 1.4 Dynamique
I've had a 06 1.4 Clio Dynamique since December and I've known for a while the clutch was going. I've been quoted £560 for parts + labour but isn't that too steep?

Surely I'm being taken for a ride here, right??


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£560 for parts?! Are they buying you a new gearbox with it?

Edit: Hang on, just noticed the year. Not sure about mk3's actually. Hydraulic clutch may push the price up a little although £560 plus labour still sounds steep to me!
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I can’t remember exactly, but my missus used to have the same car and I’m pretty sure that was about what you’ve said all in. That included the slave cylinder too.

If yours is plus labour then get another quote.


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So to clarify...

Parts and labour is £560

Or.. parts are £560, labour is extra ?

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That’s probably about where most prices will be, still worth ringing around for more quotes though. Where are you? Someone might be able to suggest a good place to go.
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Clutch kit is 166 with slave cylinder on Europarts and that's before weekend discount so trade will be alot less so your basically paying about £450 in labour.

I'm not sure how long it takes on a mk3 but I did mine on my old 182 in about 10 hours (£450) hours laid on my back without a ramp or air tools.

I'd get another quote. But if a mk3 is anything as horrid to do as it was on my Astra H then it could well be a 10 hour job even on a ramp