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Couple of (probably) noddy questions

Hi All,

Ive had my Mk2 clio 172 for 5 months now. Very nice. Just a couple of questions:-

Is the exhaust stainless steel as standard (its always clicking and ticking after I switch off).

I read on this forum something about the throttle being fly by wire. Does this mean that my car doesnt have a throttle cable, but is electronically fed to the ECU ?

Thanks in advance for answers......


  Shiny red R32

Hi Horace, what a brill name!! I might call my next Basset Hound Horace as it will match Hector!

Mine clicks as it cools down as well, so judging by the replies here, I guess it is pretty normal.


You mean yours actually gets hot enough to tick!
You must have a long drive that you have to pull it down when you are going to polish it!


Hi GirlRacer,

Yup Horace isnt the real name. I too have a Pearl Black. The reason I mention the clicking is that my 16 valver didnt do it, and that wasnt stainless steel. Probably been a dufus here, but is there any easy way to check that the exhaust is stainless steel ?
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Mine ticks really fast, especially when its been on a high speed burn. My 1.2 "16V" Courtesy Car doesnt tick. Maybe its just a 172 feature?