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Couple of standard headunit problems.

  Punto Evo Abarth
hello, as you have probily geussed by now i have a new car, anyway theres a couple of problems with the headunit. Firstly, it will randomly bleep, then the display will flash and then turn its self off, for no reason. Secondly, the clock on the display will only show if the lights are on or if the sterio is on, its a standard renault cd player in a 03 Clio Dynamique 1.6 billabong. Thanks alot for your help.
  BMW M135i
Does the clock not display when the engine is running ? It will only show when the headunit or the lights are on if the ignition is off. I'd check the fuses if it isn't.
  Punto Evo Abarth
just checked iut was a fuse, the headunit still wokred tho even tho it was the fuse for the headunit that had blown! lol strange! thanks anyway.