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Cup blitzes Golf V5

Well not much of a match up I agree but the Golf pilot was driving agressively and thought he was the daddy and deserved to be dispatched. Coming off slip road at white mare pool going towards testoes . Golf driver must have been doing 90 + and was trying to block me in when i was pulling onto carriage-way. Floored it to 100 + and pulled out in front of the VW then had Mr V5 up my arse >100 mph. Continued to floor it and pulled a few car lengths on him before he admits defeat and slows down to 60 and pulls into slow lane. Thats before I pummeled him round a few mini round abouts. When will they learn!!!

im surprised that the boaty old golf tried it, but i suppose everyone thinks their car is tasty until they get a good old roastin. He probably that he was dealing with a standard clio until the roundabout came along:D

Seems to be quite a few Mk4 Golfs around at the moment with Max Power 18 inch Alloys on, driving agressively. Most of them are Diesels I bet.

To be fair, the TD range have a bit more poke than the standard Golf petrol range...but thats not saying much. Most Mk4 Golfs with remotely sporty pretentions are totally and utterly outclassed as dynamic and performance propositions - and trade on their once innovative GTi heritage.

But as simple A-to-B transport, theyre Ok, if not a bit over-priced.

It would be terrible to be a Renault GT Turbo/16v/Willy/172/V6/Cup owner and see the next few sporty Clios become progressively more and more off the pace. I feel for the VW boys.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Watch out boys. Get the gold boys on here having a go again!!! Hehe they dont like us very much!!

Must admit I admire the Golf 150 bhp diesel but its;s the car you buy when youve got a nagging wife and 2 screaming kids. No worries for a hot Clio.
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Rallye King

Id be too embarressed to come on here and say that i had slain a V5:oops:

They dont even count as a "kill" in my books and if you stuck a pallet of bricks on your cups roof yourd get some idea of how the V5 goes;)

Have you got any juicy stories????something that might interest me????

  Silver Fabia vRS

LOL Slayer!

I personally think diesels will be beating the equivalent petrol versions in a few years. Reading the latest EVO and they review the 330d Saloon and it is nearly as quick as the petrol 0-62 and it is quicker in gear due to the torque. Only problem with diesels in they only rev to about 5000rpm so have to change to 3rd to make 62mph.

Mad_marky was surprised at how quick mine was on the way to the meet this weekend. Gonna give Jas a race sometime soon too!

I still have to dream of victories, but i had a good go at an Alfa 156 with the factory kit on Saturday and had no problem keeping a fake sierra cossie behind me lol. Cant say i find many VW owners who look like their up for a duel.