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Cup racer front subframe


ClioSport Club Member
  Pink Cup Racer
After needing a new front subframe for the rallycar i did some investigation regards the UK spec cup race car one i have found a few things out.

1. You can still get them from R-sport or i may have the last one made :)
2. They are sub contracted out for the subframe mounts (fabrication works)
3. The base subframe is a 172 / Williams hybrid (front is 172 and the rear which has i higher arch where the dogbone mount contects like the williams).

Was there a early Phase 1 subframe that was like this or is it a one of hybrid?
Would a Williams subframe fit a 172 or are they different mounting point dimensions?

Im sure i can get a std 172 subframe to replace with adding the front mount fabrication and doing something similar with the rear. The later Euro spec subframe is purely based on a 172 subframe.


ClioSport Club Member
Had wondered the same Steve, has a spacer/shim welded on the o/s rear mounting point doesnt it?

Remember you'd posted about the longer uniball carriers a while back - did you notice the pickups on the s/frame are further inboard on evo00 aswell?

Would the evo01 s/frame & rear box mount fit the STDSA or they a different offset?