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Cup Sales

so it seems that sales of the cup have gone well for renault, this mean that they are gonna be bringing more into the country, i heard that renault werent callin the cup a limited edition after the fiasco they had with the williams, so seeing as they seem kinda hard to get hold of anyone know if they are set to bring more into the country? personally i would still go for the normal 172, heh but thats my own opinion ;)



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

I was told they were classing it as a limited edition...

But, you never know!

i heard they werent callin it limited edition even though there is only a limited amount in the country, apparently they said if the demand was still there for the cars then they would make more of them

  mk2 172

special edition more like, theres nothing limited about it and we all know it!, who gives a monkeys, its a great car!



Special edition it is. Aparently its not selling that well. My local renault dealer said he would have not problem getting me a car under £12k. Not to knock it though cause Id have one tomoz if it wasnt for the insurnace. I think a lot of the dealers arent ethusiastic enough about the cup.

I remember Jeremy saying that they will continue making and selling it in the UK until they cease production of the 172. They didnt want to run into similar issues that occured with the Williams 1 and then they upset 1 owners by bringing out the 2. I guess they might release a 172 Cup Exclusive or something similar with the last batch that come of the production line - who knows.

I have been informed by the sales chap who sold me mine (and he is a very reliable source) that the original 500 cups have all been sold. However a friend of mine orderd one this week and renault have agrred to build it for him. So obviously Renault will keep building them until the demand runs out.

Hello all. Its not a limited edition. We will make it as long as there is demand. The UK is the most enthusiastic country for the Cup having sold so far 975 as of today. We built a batch of about 800 at the start of production and they have all gone. We actually only build cars to order so having this stock of cars was not a normal process for us. Therefore you can order a 172 or a Cup and it will be built for you and delivered in February at current lead times.

I like that what Simon said, Renault could make a Cup exclusive. Would that mean, it would be a cup with ABS and air con? Lol

I didnt have to wait long for mine a month or so ago, about 2 weeks I think.

Discount on list was more difficult to get, but I did have a good trade in which they over valued to the tune of about 750 quid after some pushing. I also got some Renaultsport mats free for everyday driving. I paid cash up front for mine, dont like finance or loans etc, I guess there may be a bit more play if you are going the finance route.

If you have go the cash go for it, you wont regret it!