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cup springs vs standard 172 springs

  CLIO Iceberg 172
Hi guys, just wondering as i have never driven a cup,
how much better are the cup springs over the standard FF springs fittted to the 1*2's (non cupped)

what are the real differences? im guessing they are stiff and obviously lower but how much do they really compaire the standard non cupped spring already on the sports?

cheers guys
  Clio 172 cup
Quite alot really. I've got a cup and driven the non cups. The non cup has a much more confortable ride and take bumps alot better as you can imagine. You don't really see the point of the cup stiffer ride untill you really chuck it into the corners and you can really see its there for a reason. The non cups do handle very well and it a very able car but the cup is better for faster driving. Depends on what you want, i went for the faster more able car over leather and aircon....Plus the cups wheels are nicer!
  CLIO Iceberg 172
Iv just been wondering as im hoping (fingers crossed) that im going to get my hands on some cup springs, and having chucked my car into a lot of corners it just feels like it rolls all over the place... so im just wondering if these springs would make any real difference to sprited b road driving?


  A thirsty 172
Why not just get a set of Sportlines or even Prolines? Even better than the cup springs I'd say, and not too expensive either.