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CupCake’s Nurburgring Pics

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

First of all, a super big thank you to everyone who helped oragnise the event, especially to Nick and his wife. Very lovely to meet you both and you have my best wishes that the beast is back soon - Nick this is not an excuse or reason to sell it! lol.

Really great to put names to faces. Even better to meet people for the first time and found you very welcoming and friendly. :) Had a super time.

Thanks to Oms for his Navigation - thanks to TomTom for backing up Oms lol, and giving us Shell station directions.. mmmmm VMAX100 - I WANT MORE!

Hotel was ace too. :)

Far too many highlights to list!

Heres the pics, hope you like. Anyone after hi-res pics (1280x1024) please post in this topic with an e-mail address and ill send it over.

Thanks again to everyone involved.

CC aka Team AngelWorks
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

Ta everyone. :) Anyone wantnig to add me to their MSN - my addy is in my profile and can send any pics over MSN. :)
  Clio 182

Really nice pics Si!!

My crappy ones will be up soon hopefully - am still faffing around with them at mo.
  Ziel Nurburgring

ill sort mine out tonight, also will try and figure out how to host the 10 second clips of people at Ex-Mule.

was this a non alcohol cliosport trip?


p.s. Brake kit is good hey ;-) (now that you have used it properly!)
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2

y0z I have to say the braking kit was mad. I did 5-laps as i had probs with that leaking shock so didnt want to break the car, but had no brake fade, no locks, no spongeyness and HippyChick can agree with me when I say my last lap we were really hammering the brakes.

Touched about 115/120mph down the main GP circuit straight and braked hard for the Castrol S and it just stopped like deploying anchor... amazing. Really really amazing spec brakes. Same goes for coming up the back end of the circuit into the NGK Chicane. Was able to brake a good 50m later than the cars in front and carry more speed through.

Thanks again. :)

Great Pics Si. Is there a list of Lap times for everyone? Or were people not recording them. Be interesting to know how everyone got on. Any stupidly fast times?
  Octavia VRS

Photos look really good. You must have had a great time boys and girls. That Porsche looks very poorly!


ClioSport Club Member

Makes me sick looking at the pics! I soooooooo wanna do that one day!

How much did it cost each of you in total to do that including Petrol ect? (Round Trip)

Si - your car looks mint stickered up!
  Ziel Nurburgring

Yup, lots of lovely beer german beer.

As for porsches, i dont think it was there weekend. A red one got stacked on Saturday and then another apparently on sunday (This was bad according to Tom).

Think i have some pics and in car footage of the 911 bumblebees hammering it past. Fastest things there, that M3 would have been hard pushed to keep up
  Ziel Nurburgring

That blue one is Yassers, its fast and went round the ring as if it was part of the tarmac. Luckily i got 1 lap in it and it was an amzing car. LSD, Full Role Cage and Coilovers to name a few mods.

Quote: Originally posted by Tom20v on 29 March 2005

Makes me sick looking at the pics! I soooooooo wanna do that one day!

How much did it cost each of you in total to do that including Petrol ect? (Round Trip)

Si - your car looks mint stickered up!
*clears throat* glad you like it :D
  172, Tiguan

We were about the 5th car on the scene, with Mr Waddle in the car behind us. A 911 had hit the barriers and flipped. It had then slid 100 metres or so down the tarmac on its roof and come to rest by the side of the track.

The guy regained conciousness after 20 minutes, but he had a drip put in etc and got airlifted to hospital.

We parked up on the track whilst the police, ambulances etc turned up nd treated him. The helecopter then landed on the track.

It was a really bad time watching all this happening, but the spirit of everybody and the atmosphere of the place made it very surreal.

I hope the guy is going to be alright, they seemed to think he would make it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Weeman sucks ****

I couldnt get too close, the state of the porsche was bad enough let alone the guy lieing on the floor next to it, poor guy and hope hes ok. Good job he had no passenger otherwise theyd have been a gonner for sure.

I want some 4 pots, although my standard renault setup lasted 9 hard laps with no fade what so ever (the other lap was with jon driving, hats off mate you know how that car works, superb lap) stronger brakes would be interesting. I recommend coilovers to, they were the absolute nuts.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

Great pics - that knackered Porsche made me cringe - ouch!

Some nice looking Clios on there - especially Yassers. Whos was the black gold 182?

Glad you all had a great time! Lucky sods!!!!

  Vee dub

Quality pictures

I would be very scared going round there! :oops:

Thought someone had nicked my car and taken it then realised it was the YOJ rsi! lol