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Custom Exhaust... Cat back..

  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
Right whats ma options. 1.6 16v ph1:

Thinking about a cat back system..

not really wanting to give any money to k-tech so was thinking yoz could help me out, do they do a sysem for anything other than the RS clios?

ideally a scottish based company or one that can deliver readymade..? (suppose it's not custom that way is it)

looking for something not too loud until she gets opened up, already have a de-cat.


ClioSport Club Member
motorsport world are in scotland and done a lot of the guys exhausts from here (including alans old dynamique)

£270 will get you a full cat-back stealth system that wont be loud untill you hammer it (but also stealth so you cant see it)

and think £230 for a normal cat back custom one where you can choose your tail pipe and what noise level you want!

hope that helps :)