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de wiper blanking plate

  ibiza cupra
did this today so i thought id share it with you all.




dont worry, there is mesh in there too lol





and finally, a bit of plastic texure paint to make it look OEM

the finished look
  clio 1.4 16v 02
Nice! is there some sort of bung I can buy instead of filling/sanding/priming/painting? just spent 7 days sanding my wheels down and painting them if I see another piece of sand paper Ill shat in my pants :)
  ibiza cupra
i think you can get a set of different sized grommets from halfords but i spent more time finding one to fit than i did doing this and i work in a body shop so we have them lying around lol
  ibiza cupra
Looks good, although I like that you made it look oem, I'm not a fan of the 'plastic' finish.... Gloss is where its at ;)
i did toy with the idea of painting it but didnt want to make it stand out if you know what i mean.


ClioSport Admin
Yeah, tbf I was going to do mine gloss black, not red, but the body shop guy colour coded it for me lol. I do think it looks good though :D