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Dealers taking liberties

The strangest thing happened at the weekend, a bloke came to my door asking who I was and if I owned a megane coupe (the one that I part exchanged against my new cup).Anyway he said that the Renault dealership had given him my name and address and phone number, and here he was standing at my front door. Now I don’t mind the chap all he wanted to know was about the modifications that I had carried out and the history of the car. But what really pi**ed me off was the fact that the dealers/salesman took it upon himself to give my personal details out to who ever he wanted.

What do you think I should do guys, letter to Renault UK or the dealers?

Has anyone else had this?
Any other suggestions?



Your name and address is on the V5 anyway and as for your number if its on 192........................

Your name and address would have been on the V5 any way. But the dealer SHOULD have asked your permission before giving out you phone no and telling him to go speak to you, think you should tell the manager that youre not happy.

Well, I have previously taken the address off of the V5 of a car I was looking at and rung it up to check history, but turning up on the doorstep is taking the p1ss a bit.

I think a personal word with the dealership manager is in order, and dont take no sh1t from his underlings about him being busy. Did you get the name of the salesman who gave your details out?

I suppose that anyone could find out that youd owned it with a bit of research, but I see your point that the dealership shouldnt have. See what the manager says!



Echo in here?

the best person to ask about the history would be you and thats the way it is i would give that advice to someone because its the best way of finding out.

nothing wrong with that.

Yeah i know about the V5 but he was just thinking about buying the car and turned up at my door. I think iw ill draft a nasty letter to the Manager. Cheers guys
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I should know about data protection, my dissertation covered it last year... nope! I can remember none of it! lol!!

Summit about details kept about individuals should not be passed on without owners consent, or summit like that!
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£50?? More then that! I got a £250 voucher from Honda just for ordering a Type R brochure from them!

Without going into details, info security is my profession.

Your local Renault dealer has broken the law. As mentioned above this is in contravention of the data protection act. Its also unprofessional and arguably a potentially a security threat to yourself.

You should document what has happened (in as much detail as possible for your own records). Then, write to the dealer principle outlining the facts. Keep it short but to the point.

Explain that you see this as unethical, unprofessional and illegal. In the first instance you should leave the ball in their court, I suspect youll be offered compensation in the form of servicing or similar.

If after receiving their initial apology and offer you are not happy, call the citizens advice bureau, then trading standards followed by any affiliate organisation you can link the dealership too (look for certifcates/accreditations on their walls!)

If you need any further help, PM me :)

Sue em for everthing they got !! take renault down!!!!!

ok im being silly now, but...

prehaps a well structured letter is in order, you have a pretty good case m8 and i think some "freebees" are in order!! woohoo

Got onto the letter last night and sent it off what do you think? I have left the dealers name in so as not to protect them.:)

I have recently taken delivery of a new car from the Abercromby Renault dealership in Edinburgh, for which I part exchanged my old Renault Megane Coupe.

One Sunday afternoon I was disturbed by a gentleman ringing my doorbell enquiring as to whether I was the previous owner of the car in question. Upon asking I found out that a salesman within the Abercromby dealership had given this gentleman my address and phone number.

Now I am aware that if the gentleman were successful in purchasing the vehicle he would be able to get my details from the V5 document, but when I spoke to the gentleman he was only looking at the car. I trust that the salesman responsible for this event has not given out my details to anyone who walks into the showroom interested in my old car.

Could you do me the kind courtesy of informing me of your company policy as to the releasing of customers details. These events have made me doubt the Abercromby dealerships professionalism and competence. If I had known that my details would be handed out to every person interested in my old car I would have never set foot into the Abercromby dealership. I trust that an explanation and apology will be forthcoming.

You should have dragged him into the house. hit him on the head, and when he came too have tied him up with chicken wire. Pointed a gun into his face and said "Wheres my family you b*****d, what have you done with them?" and have just watched him crap himself. Probably got you into trouble. But ah what the hell, would have been a laugh. Or when he said do you own a megane. You should have said " the fields in scotland are not allways as green as they first apear" and then invited him in to see the merchandise.


Hey Gareth i had the same with my Coupe as well.

When i part exed my Laguna in a couple of years ago the dealer called me up and said could i come downto the dealers to sort a problem with my old car. Got to the dealers and a family had taken the car for a test drive and the anti hi jacking had immobalised the car and locked them in.

Took me 10 sec to sort it out. According to the sales guy they were in there for nearly half an hour:devilish:

Paul172cup when the dealer rang you should have said something like "They havent set off the...god there isnt time, I will be there as soon as possible, just dont go near the car!" Then when you got there you should have looked really concerned at the dealer and shouted: "WHERE ARE THEY?" when he showed you where they were you should have looked over and said "oh good god" then have run up to the car shouting "GET OUT OF THE CAR, FOR GODS SAKE GET OUT OF THE CAR" waving your hands and all that.

Just dont say there is a bomb or anything, or you will probably get arrested and or charged with wasting police time when the bomb disposal team arives to dissarm the non existant bomb.

I suppose you would have had to be more carefull if there was an old person or a pregnant women in there.


The salesmans name who sold me the Cup was Daniel Wallace, however i cant be sure that he was responible for the disclosing of my personal details.