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ClioSport Admin
Dear me! Roughians



ClioSport Admin
Ye I've got both nuts loosened off but the actualy wiper where it goes onto the thread is ceased on :/

That happened to mine... So I did the above and it unsiezed. Ask around for a ball joint splitter... If that fails, hacksaw.

Lol I just noticed I put the nut on before the wiper! r****d haha

Did you actually try the above? Put the nut back on as tight as it'll go. Put a spanner over the nut and wiper then undo the nut with the first spanner still in place. If you do it right it'll pop off
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Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions and for the pic lol ;), I finally sorted it out after alot of swearing and throwing stuff around lol, I resorted to the hacksaw through the plastisol bit that came off reasonably easily then onto the ceased on metal nut!!! Was an absolute b*****d but it is off and looking alot cleaner!!