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Dirty fingers mechanical question

Right, have had a few quotes for an alternator for my 16v - £72 from and £170 from Halfords:cry: Better not ask Renault then!!

Anyway, Ive had a look at my engine bay and have decided that Id like to let the pros have a pop at it, as one of the auxillary belt allen key holes has been rounded off:sick:. I think this might need the engine taking out to drill it out - am NOT looking forward to this bill.

Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone willing to have a pop themselves (Captain Slarty or Ben R maybe??!)? I could take it to Hill Power, but Im not sure the car would drive all the way.

I had a look today, even took the bonnet off. But the adjuster nut that allows you to untension/tension the auxillary drive belt (including alternator) is rouded out. So I let it be - and am now wondering what on earth to do. To make things worse, Im off to Italy for a week on Wednesday, so if the car isnt sorted by then, the battery will go flat while Im away!:(
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If I remember correctly its a 13mm bolt. Try and get hold of a six sided 1/2in socket (a good quality one) and see if that makes any impression on it. If not, attempt to bang a 12mm 12 sided socket on. All depends ofcourse on how badly rounded it is.


Its not badly rounded, but it is right up the cambelt side of the engine - and when the engine is sat in the car, youve got about an inch or two of room between it and the car shell. Thats why Im thinking the engine will have to come out, to allow some room to do it. Im hoping that wont be the case though.

Cheers for the advice:D

Actually, on reflection its the 7mm or 8mm size allen key hole in the middle of the 13mm bolt. Thats whats rounded out:(
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Its a 7mm allen key and the nut is a 22mm spanner.

I know the feeling I took my alternator belt off on sat and looked everywhere for a 7mm allen key and ended up going to a bike shop as these were the only ones to stock that size.

Just as well then that Im an ex-bike mechanic! I have all those sorts of tools anyway.

Ive left the car with a small auto electricians in Cardiff to sort it all out. I hope they can get around the rounded out head!:(