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DIY ABS delete

  182 trackcar, XC60t6
Hi all thought I would post my diy ABS delete story. I have a fully stripped 182track only car and wanted to clear out the engine bay and save some weight. Winning.

After my first track day without it I can say I am very happy with result. Saves over 6kg and really strips a lot of stuff out. Car still brakes awesome and now I can control the rear brake pressure.

In short, I kept the rear lines but cut and bent them up into the cabin via the handbrake cutout to a Wilwood bias valve ( proportioning valve). I then made new lines for the front.

All that is needed are some cheapish tools;
- brake flare tool
- tube bender ( or buy more expensive ductile line which can be hand formed)
- pipe cutter

- 3/16 steel brake line is the cheapest
- 12 x 1mm thread inserts for the brake master cyl ports
- 3/16 tees and back nuts.



More pics to follow.

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  182 trackcar, XC60t6
I really want to do this but was under the impression that the speedo works off the abs?
Correct. Speedo doesn’t work. If you really want it try an old iPhone - I use one with TrackAddict app on it.

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  182 trackcar, XC60t6
@JACAM T piece inside before the valve?
Yes bring the lines into a tee and out to the prop valve. Make sure any lines that might rub on the body have some sort of protection - old hose or something pushed over.

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ClioSport Club Member
@JACAM Was just seeing how you did yours ? I had a crack at custom setup a couple of times, first time was through the boot for the rear lines then I put the seats back in and ran a line back in the original place and through the firewall. Since then went to a full cup setup as I cant make my mind up ?