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dodgy 172 paintwork

  FRS Mk3 Red edition

On the g/fs 172, the paintwork is flaking off the bonnet quite badly.

Renault have now confirmed an independent inspection of the paint @ the solihull dealership on monday.will let you all know the outcome.if anyone has been through this procedure, any info, help and outcomes you have recieved will be greatly appreciated.
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

fred it depends who you speak to, their is a guy with a 172 who is always very helpful his name escapes me @ the mo, they are ten times better than the arrogant pigs @ digbeth.first words out of the guy @ digbeth was "is it an import" we which said yes, he crossed his arms and said no can help you. Renault solihull seem to care a little bit more and arent bothered ita an import and have actually said they will try and help the g/f.


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You could always contact Auto Express - werent you featured a while back regarding a faulty car?
  FRS Mk3 Red edition

we have visited two renault locations and they have said they are stone chips,its not the fact they are stone chips, these are a fact of life, but the paint is coming off in 5mm circles and continuing to flake. you only have to brush past the bonnet and the paint falls off. within 6 months the bonnets will be more primer than anything. the only thing Renault has offered is send someone out to measure the paint thickness and quality,and this has been a hard battle for them to do this. in all fairness Solihull really pushed Renault UK to send someone.

if they say their is nothing wrong with the paint, we will have it done ourselves and its history for the 172. I will though refer this matter to other organisations just to highlight the problems we have encountered dealing with Renault.

Griff let us know what Renault say about your bonnet.

one saving grace is that the one guy who looked at the car, did admit that he never seen that kind of flaking from stone chips.

i am limbering up for a big fight!!!!
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Hi Stu,

Went today to get the matts etc. Taking it back tomorrow to have the paint looked at.

Btw While i was their some woman was just taking delivery of her new "quickshift" (some kind of Renault Automatic) and it jammed on the exit of the car park, i was their 20 mins and no-one could shift it.

LOL Glad I parked outside.