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Don’t try it on with an S60 T5...

Jeeeez, dem buggers is quick.. had a play with one today... slight up hill, we both gave it harry flatters.. and the result... he was pulling away...

All I can say is that when the HP turbo comes it, you can say adios...

Nice wave from the driver as I turned off... good show.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

0-100km is 7.7 seconds
Power 184kw comapred to the 172 at 124kw.
Mid 15s for quater of a mile.

Flat cap and green wellies a must

Can I just say as a newbie to this forum. When there is a little contest on the road between cars, you may find that it is not the cars capabalitlies or horsepower that wins, rather then the driving skill and the drivers knowledge of his/her own cars capabilities.

You can get a yob in an a5 and he can drive really fast in a straight line. When the bends come and you watch him brake through them just shows.

Not everyone can read bends at high speed, watching the vanishing point, knowing whether to keep the power on as it is or accelrate out of it coz the vanishing point of the bend is opening up.

It is not the car, it is the person behind the wheel, even if you know the roads, knowing how to read bends helps!

Sorry just rambling on!

I agree Neal, however... I am no stranger behind the wheel. LOL...

in most cases, yes.. I know exactly where you are coming from.

I can also mix it with the best on the twisites.. but.. this example here is sheer grunt accleration.. and he pulled away from the fastest hot hatch available.. or as carlsberg would say Probably LOL...

there are definitely times when the only way to prove superiority of a marque is on the track, or the twisites.. I prefer the twisties myself..

But, a lot of people buy a car for balls out acceleration (Not me I hasten to add !).. and that is their playground.. straight motorways or dual carriageways..

the 0-60 times rule for many..

enuf of this ramblin I say.... LOL..

  BMW 320d Sport

Vanishing point is a phrase used in many ways, commonly in art I believe to describe the point at which the two lines of a train track or something similar will turn into a single point.

Was also a wicked track on New Orders seminal Technique album.
  CTR EK9 turbo

I only race on twisty roads at late night, that way i can use the whole road as i can see the headlights coming towards me and more chance to see if theres a car stopped further up the road for example an accident or something pulling out of a junction. It also allows you to use the whole of the road - both lanes of a single B road, cutting corners etc.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Also, those volvos are quite quick. I raced a Volvo S40 T-4 and he was quite hard, pretty even until i reached 4th gear when i caught up and started to overtake. It was uphill and i was 2-up he was 1-up.
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

yeah they are quick one of are managers has one and its pritty quick loads of torque tho, mid range is great but i sware when i get my 172 in jan il make it quicker, no way wud i let an old man in a volvo beat me.He has set the pace now lets c.

plus a haldex 4wd set-up which will minimise the torque steer that would be customary with the huge amounts of torque from that blown engine...

id like one of those as a weekend car though...

This isnt exactly the first quick Volvo either!! Look out for all those old 850s and 960s - many come with 220bhp plus 2.3s or 3.0 24v straight sixes. Not so clever on the bends (though rear wheel drive), but pretty effing quick where it counts - 30 to 70...

How do I know?

Because there are four in the family