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Door hinge clicking, cant solve.

My door hinge clicks loudly when opening and closing.

Did a search and read about loose bolts etc. Took the door card off and could see inside when i opened the door the 2 plastic barrels wernt moving when the joint was then clicking round with force at the end making the noise.

Removed it and greased it all up but its still doing it..

Anyone sucsessfully solved this problem? It was getting dark so i put it back together and left it.

Think i might give it a crack taking it apart and greasing it propperly, To solve it?

Or new joint time?

Ive had the whole hinge out, The metal part seemed ok to me.

Its the 2 plastic barrels that roll the strap in and out that where jamming.

Ive just been out and opening and closing the door it didnt do it, So im hoping the grease has worked its magic !