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  Clio 172
I've had my 172 for a week now and it's the best car I've ever owned.
I had to change the Magnex to standard though, cos it was doing my fekin head in!
Now all the noise has gone, the new exhaust is banging off the bodywork like a tuppeny hoor and I've got a rear wheel bearing whining like......well....a tuppeny hoor!!!!

Changing to a standard exhaust has made no appreciable difference to the power. (kent fast road re-profiles, superchip, flowed head, induction kit etc)

All that's gone is that lovely noise.....what?'t hear ya!:D
  Clio 172
Went to pick up a new set of wheel bearing/rear discs today.
On the way to the dealer, my new standard exhaust started banging off the rear cross member.

Got home, got it up on jacks to do the wheel bearings.
The mid section of new exhaust was tied on to the mounting bracket with string!!! Laugh? I nearly prolapsed my anus!
For the want of a bolt and a bit of loctite, these cowboys risked a lot of damage to my car. I wont name and shame just yet, not until I see them on Monday and read the riot act.

As for the quality of the exhaust, I'll be surprised if it lasts 3 months^^^^^^^^.
It doesn't even have the usual "pretend" paint on it.

Wheel bearings now sorted, exhaust now sorted....what a day..........