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Dri Wash ’n Guard

Anyone used this product? Apparently you can use it on bodywork and glass. Its supposed to produce a glaze that stops water clinging to the surface. I used it on my windscreen yesterday and it seems to work really well. Dont even need to use my wipers!
  Clio v6

I found some info on this product but not the price. How much was it and where from please.

" I used it on my windscreen yesterday and it seems to work really well. Dont even need to use my wipers!"

Is that ok to do?

Just noticed this :

Q. What can I use the formula on?

A. Any hard non-porous surface including metal, sealed plastic, glass and fibre-glass. If you are using the formula on a vehicle, please dont apply directly to the front windscreen as this becomes pitted by grit. you can however apply the formula to side and rear windows.

Well it doesnt say anything about not putting it on the windscreen on the bottle Ive got. Not sure where its from as it was a xmas gift but it cost about £12 for a 236ml bottle. I am told though that once you have the bottle you can buy refills which are cheaper.
  Clio v6

Ok I found a price.

DRI WASHn GUARD to wash and shine giving you at least four wash and shines per aerosol at £10:99 per 236ml refill


oh dear, lol, i used to use that stuff all the time, or sumthin very similair anyway, its good to use on ur front windscreen, and like u say u dont need to use ur wipers, but after a while u will need to use ur wipers and they will simply smear the water so u cant really see much, due to the waxy kinda stuff left behind by the stuff u applied, part from that, good stuff, lol


Just apply some more when that starts to happen. I will try it on my paint next to see how that goes. It is supposed to keep your car cleaner for longer! We shall see!