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drive shaft

  Clio RS
Hi, i have problems with drive shaft on driverside (*g* in germany ist copilot side). This smal lump scratch on my frame in hard drived left bends with my 1.2 16V.

Witch function has got this lump? And is it possible to remove it?

I apologise for my bad english, but i hope you can help. Thanks a lot

Your english is fine.
Its the passenger side(just for future refference) :)

It sites there as a balence on the shaft it possible to remove it with an angle grinder, but i wouldnt recommend it.

Hope this helps
  Clio RS
Thanks a lot for response,

hm for dynamic balancing, i understand. In german forum user say the same. Have some one experience with removing?

For MK 1 its moveable, did one say.

The reason for asking is that i mean i has seen an picture in this forum of an driveshaft with removed balence lump, a short time ago.
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  Clio RS
Its movable its moveable

now, there is no scratching anymore. Ive only puh it back with a litle presure. Im soooo happy!